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    Grace Gildea New Jersey
    Grace has been a nurse at Overlook since 1990. Grace arrives each and day full of energy and love of her role as an OR nurse and mentor. She is assigned new staff members and looks forward to training each and every one! She considers it a privilege and takes PRIDE in knowing that she can help build the foundation for new peers. She is the lead staff RN for Bariatric and physicians will ask for her by name to ensure that their rooms run smoothly and without a hitch! She is kind and compassionate to each and every patient she cares for and fulfills her role as patient advocate. She is our hero at Overlook Medical Center!
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    Patricia Decker Boniello New Jersey
    Patricia Decker Boniello has worked at Monmouth Medical for nearly 41 years. She has worked in virtually every department at Monmouth Medical and currently serves in surgical day stay recovery department. There has never been a patient under her care that she hasn't treated with compassion and professionalism. Mrs. Boniello has retired as a full time employee and still works per diem in the department to stay involved in the profession that she loves.
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    Betsy Ball New Jersey
    Betsy is great at what she does. She has been a nurse for 28 years, a little more than half of those years she has worked in the OR the other years she worked in the ICU. We've been partners in the OR for almost 12 years. I'm the surgical tech and she is the circulating nurse and together we are the neurosurgery team of room 6. She also circulates in various other specialties. She's very caring, friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated. I'm glad she's my partner and even happier that she's my friend. Please pick her as a HERO because that is what she is.
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    Marilyn Azuelo New Jersey
    This nurse is competent, compassionate and creative nurse. She is involved in EBP in our critical care areas, performs QI audit relevant to pain management, and utilizes her education and certification to provide in-services related to stroke and other neuroscience topics. This enthusiastic nurse promotes spirit of team work, instituting protocol for patient-family centered care. She is determined to lead the nursing team towards nursing excellence through involvement in research activities and engaging in seminar workshops that maintains hospital's patient safety. She is dedicated to empowering nurses to optimize their full potentials by her endeavors to mentor hire learners to boost their confidence, thus assist with employee retention and satisfaction. We are proud of her achievements to help uplift nursing.
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    Jodi Gauthier Michigan
    Working in hospice is never an easy job but Jodi makes it look effortless. As the ultimate professional, she works with facilities who may or may not have licensed caregivers. She approaches the staff with mutual respect and understanding, providing education without causing them to feel foolish or embarrassed. When working with patients and families, she often has the toughest caseloads filled with those who are illiterate or uneducated and need extra teaching to accomplish the most basic tasks. She assesses what is important to each and provides that whether a bag of Cheetos, a hug or validating each life before they pass. When I come to the end of my life, I hope there is a "Jodi" to take care of me.
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    Linda Easter Arkansas
    I would like to nominate Linda Easter, RN III for the HERO award. She is most deserving of this nomination and displays every aspect of nursing. She has worked as a nurse for over 35 years. Linda is a true interdisciplinary team player and works with 10 neurologist and 3 APN's in her department. About six months ago, we had a rehab patient that needed refills on her seizure medication. I paged Linda and found out she was out of state attending a conference. As soon as I found out this information and relayed to my physician, Linda had already notified the child's assigned neurologist and he came down to speak with us and the patient, therefore fulfilling her medication needs.
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    Rita Sanders Massachusetts
    On December 30, 2013 Rita had a patient in ICU with diagnosis of V. Fib arrest. This patient needed induced hypothermia treatment. The equipment needed was malfunctioning. It was necessary to maintain the temperature at 91.4F. New equipment was to be rented, but wouldn't arrive for 8 hours. Rita tirelessly for 12 hours maintained this temperature by changing ice bags and monitoring the patients temperature every 30 minutes. Windows were wide open, the room a freezer. Rita was required to wear her coat .Rita never complained. This patient survived and is now at home, grateful to all the caregivers. I nominate Rita, for this heroic action, the dedication to patient care, compassion, caring and enduring commitment that is so vital to healthcare and the nursing profession.
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    Jeanne LaFountain Ohio
    Jeanne is not only a tremendous and gifted OR educator, she's also a reservist in the US Air Force. Right now she's deployed in Afghanistan and is the commander of the air evacuation services there. She is a dynamic individual who gives her heart and soul to making sure patients are safe through staff education. She is one of the most dedicated nurses I have ever met. She is a role model for many nursing students, staff members, and even physicians. She always volunteers for the "tough jobs" not only in her workplace but in the military too. Her dedication to safe patient care and safe workplace environments have positively impacted others. Jeanne has always been and always will be my "Hero" in nursing.
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    Belva Dyer Arkansas
    Belva is a great advocate and nurse to her patients. When I have seen one of our mutual patients they will always ask about her and tell us how much she works to get them what they need. I have even noticed that some of her patients will ask for her as soon as they come through the door of the clinic. She is very dedicated to her profession and always uphold the standards of nursing and Arkansas Children's Hospital. A great team leader .
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    Jennifer Butch Pennsylvania
    Jennifer Butch, OR nurse manager, for a very busy academic medical center, performing 20K+ surgical procedures, in 34 ORs, 3 procedure rooms. Jen is respected and 'adored' by her staff of 200+. Jen makes quality, patient and staff safety as her primary focus. She leads the surgical safety team and has implemented initiatives holding staff accountable to do the right thing. Jen is respected by all. Jen is caring and compassionate in everything she does. She takes action when needed, lends an ear when appropriate, and looks for opportunities to assist in any way she can. Recently, the staff celebrated 'Jen Day' and showered her with personal cards and notes, recalling Jen going above and beyond; thanking her for being an 'inspirational' leader.